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  • 3/4" x 7' Any Temp Hydrant Deluxe with Drain Back

no lead 1503/4" x 7' Bury Any Temp Hydrant Deluxe with Drain Back


Merrill No-Lead Hydrants are Safe Water Drinking Act compliant and are approved for use in 49 states. The Any Temp H-3000 Series Water Riser/Heated Hydrant gives year-round water service with use of self-regulating heat cable, or by draining itself below frost line when shut off. The heated hydrant is a simple unit designed to provide frost proof water service. It completes the sanitary installation from buried water line to above ground water connection, or supply pipe with shut-off valve, needed for each mobile or manufactured home.


*Product may vary from picture.


non potable 100California Residents:  This product has not been tested for the standards of California AB1953 Lead Law.  Therefore this product cannot be used in potable water systems(drinking water) in the state of California. 


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3/4" x 7' Any Temp Hydrant Deluxe with Drain Back

  • Product Code: DH7507D
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