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The Well Pro/Merrill Manufacturing Company was founded in 1949 by Noel Merrill Anderson in a one-car garage in Iowa. Noel started with his invention of the Any Flow Yard Hydrant. The original marketing area was only a few states surrounding the state of Iowa, using manufacturer’s representatives as the sales force. In 1957 Well Pro relocated and in 1959 Mr. Anderson designed and engineered the SP pitless units, designed to be used with submersible pumps and eliminate the need of a pump house or well pit. With another plant expansion, Mr. Anderson invented the tank float, the front-runner of contained air tanks widely used today. From those three early products, Well Pro has continued to expand its product offerings and market areas. Well Pro has grown into a large manufacturing, assembly and warehouse facility.

Stephen Anderson, with a degree in engineering and experience with an engineering firm, moved back to his home state in 1975 to work in the family business. In 1981, Stephen became president of the company. Under the leadership of Stephen, the company has moved forward at a rapid pace. Like his father, Stephen has designed and engineered many company products which are widely used and accepted in today’s market place. Together, father and son hold a total of twenty-two U.S. patents.

Well Pro made its move in 1984 from a large regional manufacturer, serving approximately 75% of the U.S. and several areas of Canada, to a national manufacturer selling its products throughout the entire United States and Canada plus several foreign countries. At that time, Well Pro added several hundred water well accessories to complement their manufactured items in order to become a one source supplier to their national and international distributors. With the no-lead issue of the last few years, Well Pro has added many new stainless steel products to the offering for those that truly want a quality no-lead product for their water system. Well Pro has several new product designs in the early production stages for introduction later in 2008 & 2009, as well as other current brass products that will be offered in stainless steel and PVC.

Stephen Anderson, Well Pro President says, “Our customer base growth is largely due to the hard work and dedication of our present day manufacturer representative sales force that covers the entire country, We also have several specialty representatives that call on specific customer groups. Well Pro’s very efficient and well-trained customer service department and in-house sales department handle order entry, service questions, applications, as well as many other day to day activities. Well Pro also has their own in-house printing department which is kept busy printing catalogs, pricing booklets and custom-designed flyers, provided as a no charge service for their distributors.”

Well Pro manufactures and sells the industry’s largest selection of frost proof yard hydrants, pitless units, kits and adapters, well caps, tank tees, insert fittings as well as one of the largest selections of other water well accessories in the industry,” continues Stephen. The company maintains membership in the Water Systems Council, National Ground Water Association, American Ground Water Trust and numerous state water well associations. Also, Stephen Anderson serves on various advisory boards and committees.

Our goal is to be the best supplier in the water well industry,” proclaims Stephen. “With employee dedication and an excellent customer service staff, Well Pro strives to provide every customer with satisfaction plus. We maintain our product exposure by participating in well over one hundred (100) product shows each year in the United States and Canada,” says Stephen.

Well Pro’s additional 36,000 square foot facility opened in the spring of 1997. This facility houses our warehouse, shipping department, and some light assembly. It has allowed us to continue our growth and reorganize several departments, giving us the space we need for new product production.

This facility has given Well Pro the much needed space to speed up our shipping times dramatically and passing our intermediate goal of an average shipping time of 48 hours on our way to our ultimate goal of shipments in 24 hours or less.

Well Pro has also been able to increase our average order fill ratio to over 98% for the last several years. This is certainly one of the best fill ratios in the industry, if not the very best.

With this additional room and the changes at our production facility, Well Pro will be able to provide our customers with their water well accessory needs far into the 21st century.

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