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  • 1-1/4" No-Lead Bronze Pitless Adapter 300#

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1-1/4" Bronze Pitless Adapter 300# No-Lead


Merrill No Lead Brass and Stainless Steel Pitless Adapters have passed CERTIFIED WATERTIGHT STANDARDS PAS-1 established and regulated for the industry by the Pitless Adapter Division of Water Systems Council.

(1) Feature - Bottom of male part of adapter is tapered.
Benefit - Easy connection of female and male parts.

(2) Feature - Top of female part is also tapered.
Benefit - Tight connection and easy removal.

(3) Feature - Replaceable O-ring seal in solid no lead brass or stainless steel casting.
Benefit - Easily replaced, not a seal from factory only.

(4) Feature - Molded gasket for positive outside seal on discharge, plus O-ring or gasket glued in place, for seal on inside of casing.
Benefit - Glued gasket does not fall off during installation.

(5) Feature - Solid no lead brass or stainless steel collar made for perfect fit and positive seal with molded gasket between discharge and outside of casing.
Benefit - Insures sanitary watertight seal to casing.

(6) Feature - Extra-wide solid no lead brass or stainless steel nut.
Benefit - To accommodate wrench for easier installation.


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1-1/4" No-Lead Bronze Pitless Adapter 300#

  • Product Code: MBNL125
  • Weight: 4.49 lb
  • Shipping Dimensions: 6.19 x 4.41 x 3.62 in
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  • $144.76

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