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Wall Faucets

MA Series Frost Proof Wall Faucets

  • Provide frost proof water supply plus Anti-Siphon and Self-Draining protection.
  • Adjustable Packing Nut with rubber packing, instead of asbestos packing used by other companies.
  • Metal Handle for strength and long life. End Connection allows easy installation and no need for oversized hole cut in wall.
  • Top Stamped on inlet end of wall faucet, indicates outlet direction on outside of building when making connection on inside.
  • Chrome Plated for corrosion protection and better appearance for easy sales.
  • Anti-Siphon dual safety with air check at both nozzle and shut-off end connection.
  • Automatic Self-Draining when shut off, wall faucets drains itself and open end hose due to air check above nozzle.

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